Neon colors to decorate interiors

The color is a main element of any decorative project, perhaps the most important behind the space, it is the background on which the other components will play. For a couple of years it seems that neon colors are trying to make a dent in interior decoration. They began by being introduced by clothing designers in their creations and from there they have sneaked into the houses.

Decorate with neon colors 1

They are somewhat shocking to some people, as always there will always be those who are in favor and those who are against, but others find them fun and cheerful. Of course it is undeniable that a little neon color in a stay brings luminosity y raise the level of vibration . Maintaining a neutral tone background it is easy to add elements in neon color, furniture, wall decoration and other auxiliary elements.

Decorate with neon colors 2

But you can also go a step further and introduce elements in neon color on a stage with a neutral color nothing like in the image above. Yellow and neon pink have been introduced in this living decorated in blue .

Decorate with neon colors 3

The level of boldness can go "in crescendo" and try to involve all colors neon possible as in the decoration of this dining room. It is of course a risky bet and that requires the expert hand of a professional if you do not want to fall into excess.

Decorate with neon colors 4

The bedrooms They should not be preserves closed to neon colors but always with great caution. We will keep the neutral background and we will introduce the neon tones in the form of complements.

Decorate with neon colors 5

In this room decorated in blue the contributions in color neon pink introduced in the form of small auxiliary accessories they help to create contrast zones and break the excessive monotony of the background color.

Decorate with neon colors 6

In the kitchen neon shades are also welcome, their brightness and brightness help create a clear and clean environment . They add a touch of freshness to the kitchen, making it an appealing place.

Decorate with neon colors 7

We will follow the basic rules of color to combine neon shades without producing any mess. When in doubt it is best to contact a professional who can advise us on the combination of colors.

Decorate with neon colors 8

But we must not be afraid of neon tones, if we like we will introduce them little by little into our small decorative projects and see how they work. A pillow here, a vase over there and we will see how the atmosphere of any room is transformed. And step by step we can dare with furniture and large objects.


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