Neon accessories to decorate exteriors

The objects in neon color They are an excellent way to brighten interior spaces and also exterior of the house . For this last case, we can use any accessory to introduce those necessary strokes of electrifying colors on terraces, porches, patios and galleries.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 1

They are a great example, in addition, of how to animate the exterior of our houses with little budget. In this way we break the monotony and add all the strength of the color to create new and refreshing environments.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 2

To begin to get used to these so energetic colors, we can use them little by little, in this way we will not saturate the environments. The pots are that kind of small accessories that will allow us to try colors, ideas and proposals to find the ones that best suit our taste.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 3

Another great idea, especially when it comes to enjoying the outdoors and the sun, are the seats. Having some chairs in different neon colors will be able to animate the terrace in a simple way and suitable for all types of domestic economies.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 4

Following with the planters, there are DIY ideas like this thread to hang pots that will help us give a special touch to the spaces with neon colors. Another possibility is to paint the ceramic pots with refreshing and colorful summer tones.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 5

Neon colors are also prevailing in outdoor celebrations. They are great when it comes to celebrating a birthday, wedding or anniversary in the garden. Lanterns, lamps and any other type of objects dressed in these festive colors are setting trends with great success, proof that decoration is not yet as seen as we might think.

Decorate exteriors with neon accessories 6

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