Nature in the bedroom

A bedroom where nature opens its way ends up being always a comfortable and warm place. To achieve a style where different tendencies are founded to create a space in which each detail becomes the protagonist is very simple. We bring you some ideas to decorate a bedroom in which nature is present not only in its details, but also in the color or the design itself, in a sum of elements.


Plants are a good company within the house, so they can not be absent if we want to give a small natural touch to the room. In the proposal of the superior image, a single plant with broad leaves can bring the necessary light to this bedroom, highlighting the simplicity of the chosen style and embellishing it with the magic of green.

In this other proposal, the warmth that transmits the light through the different levels of orange used is complemented by the natural details that rest on both bedside tables and furniture, in the form of floral centers or betting on small trees. The wood adds elegance to a natural style and again simple.


But not only plants can help create natural environments in the bedroom: as we said, is a sum of other elements, in a bid to accentuate that side in contact with the environment and outdoor landscapes. Tribal figurative details or paintings that recreate the environment also achieve this purpose.


And green, the color of nature par excellence, may be present, but it is not essential. Although in this room look great combined with dark wood and details that are wonderful.


In this other room, green and white conquer for the softness that they create in the form of different textures and delicate finishes.


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