Nature and minimalism in a house in Kuala Lumpur

The abundance of nature and a practical sense of the use of space are the two main points that make this house in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) a unique place to live. It has been completely redesigned by the team JTJ Design , a local firm that has based the reconstruction of this house in simplicity and the construction of absolutely minimalist spaces.

Minimalist house of Kuala Lumpur 1

The house has several heights and in each of them you can see that interest in the use of natural elements. Plants, exuberance and vegetation join the presence of wood in some parts of the floor and in different parts of the furniture, making delicate interiors, very practical and beautiful thanks to its spaciousness.

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 2

Minimalist house of Kuala Lumpur 3

The sunlight fills each space of the house through the great use of the sunroom. The spaces are diaphanous, bright and with that charm of Asian minimalism that makes them great for enjoyment and relaxation, as seen in the lounge area, where there are plenty of soft spaces to sit.

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 4

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 5

Minimalist house of Kuala Lumpur 6

The color tones used vary from gray to brown, going through black or red. The atmospheres created are very relaxing and, despite this apparent nudity, the entire house is perfectly equipped, starting with its very large kitchen.

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 7

There is a slight industrial nuance in the house thanks to the presence of steel beams and metal stairs. In addition, you can enjoy its incredible views, the pool and a magnificent interior courtyard garden.

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 8

Without a doubt, a house with an alternative concept of spaces, designed more for Zen life than for frantic urban life.

Kuala Lumpur minimalist house 9


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