Musical instruments: unique objects to decorate

The musical instruments they usually have a quite long lifespan, but when it ends (because they are out of tune or outdated) they are revalued as pieces of art. For this reason it is very common to see in some houses musical instruments decorating the walls of living rooms or rooms, usually collections of guitars, saxophones or violins. This also gives us a lot of information about the character of its owner, usually collectors or music lovers.

Decorating with musical instruments1

Some instruments are unique handmade pieces and have been designed by hand. Each instrument has its own personality and a different way of transforming silence into musical notes. Many of them end up turned into museum pieces, or into galleries for collectors and store exhibitors, because as objects of art they never get old or go out of style.

Decorating with musical instruments2

Decorating with musical instruments3

These that we see are some examples of how to take advantage of them and decorate with them the walls of our home. Together they manage to create a special atmosphere, which would not be the same if only one object were placed. The kitchen can even be a very special place to place our string or wind instruments.

Decorating with musical instruments4

Decorating with musical instruments5

Decorating with musical instruments6

The pianos, especially the ones of tail, are of a unique beauty. A piano in a room, with its elegance and distinction, revalues ​​our perception of it.

Decorating with musical instruments7

Decorating with musical instruments8

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