Multi-purpose spaces, shared spaces

A multi-purpose space is one in which different areas of the home are integrated to form a clear and perfectly coherent environment. This type of spaces not only allow to maximize the square footage of our house, they are also practical aesthetic solutions for modern homes where most rooms are interconnected.

Multipurpose spaces inside 1

We can find different spaces of this type. For example, a very common multipurpose space is that in which the kitchen and the living room are integrated in such a way that it does not break with the predominant aesthetic. They are widely used resources in flats with urban aesthetics, generally houses where taking advantage of the available space, as we said before, becomes an obligation.

Multipurpose spaces inside 2

These spaces are characterized by concentrating certain areas of the house on a common surface. The most common is to find the living room and the kitchen, the living room and the terrace, or even the living room and bedroom integrated, but any other proposed modality can be very practical, depending on our housing needs. Integrating perfectly the different environments that make up these common spaces is the most necessary guideline to move from one environment to another with total naturalness. We can look at a more minimalist decoration, as well as more practical furniture that adapts to the rhythm of the day: beds and folding tables to gain an extra space; American bars in the kitchen; and in general all kinds of designs that lead to creating a chameleon and harmonized space.

Multipurpose spaces inside 3

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