"Moving Kitchen", ideal for modern kitchens

Moving Kitchen ", A modern, simple design, to surprise everyone and that in a modern kitchen will look wonderful.
From the hand of the designer Joongho Choi comes this fabulous kitchen that besides being electric and have a simple but elegant design, has the particular not only to move but also you have a small table that comes out of it to work and you can use an auxiliary table when you have a meal.

Moving Kitchen, ideal for modern kitchens1

You place it next to your main table and you can have your kitchen always hot and ready to serve. You can take it wherever you want, you just have to have where to connect it.
It has space to store crockery and utensils, and assembling your support table is very simple.
An incredible model!

Moving Kitchen, ideal for modern kitchens2

Moving Kitchen, ideal for modern kitchens4

Source: Joongho Choi

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