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The Pop-Art (Pop Art) was one of the most interesting artistic movements of the mid-twentieth century. As such it was born around 1950 and its philosophy was to take up aspects of popular culture, such as advertisements and characters of the comic books , and adapt them to art and decoration. Very linked to aesthetics kitsch , pop-art returns with strength in the XXI century to dress these interiors with notes of color, extravagance and celebrities of cinema and the world of animation.

Pop Art decoration 01

The fascination with pink, blue or yellow is evident in these interiors decorated in the purest "poppy" style, as this movement is also known. They are interiors full of incredible details, psychedelic prints and laminated. 'Retro' armchairs, vinyl lamps and posters throughout the house are some of its main hallmarks.

Pop Art decoration 02

Pop Art decoration 03

Pop detail on the living room wall of this house: Betty Boop, the famous' pin-up ' cartoon.

Pop Art 04 decoration

Nor could miss a phone as incredible as this one, a collector's piece that no longer remain.

Pop Art decoration 05

Pop Art decoration 06

A thousand and one details and many, many strokes of color will make your home a kind of museum full of relics thanks to pop art.

Pop Art decoration 07

Pop Art decoration 8

Pop Art decoration 09

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