Monochrome rooms

These rooms are dominated by a unique color, which takes center stage in walls and furniture. Are monochrome salons with a clear bet for the predominance of a chromatic range, although in some occasions it is possible to introduce small brushstrokes of other similar ranges as a subjective element. From blue to lemon yellow, we review some very flattering proposals to dress our room.

The blue It remains an indisputable option when it comes to decorating. It is a primary and cold color of the spectrum, but with unparalleled relaxing qualities. A room in blue is rewarded as an enclave for relaxation, leisure and fun.

Monochrome rooms 1

A room in pistachio green It is innovative, fresh and youthful. This color favors internal lighting and is ideal for modernist and intimate environments.

Monochrome rooms 2

The Violet It is another tone full of magnetism. It breaks with force between the furniture, illuminating all the corners. It is the most appropriate if we want to create romantic and soft environments. The beauty of violet can be present in furniture, carpets or curtains, or materialize in the form of decorative plants.

Monochrome rooms 3

The beige and the cream They are two exquisite colors. They enlarge the spaces, they are fresh, dynamic and very clean, and they combine really well with any type of style, be it more modernist or traditional. In addition, they can be mixed with any color gallery, the beige and cream being the base colors.

Monochrome rooms 4

Monochrome rooms 5

The lemon yellow is another perfect tone to create atmospheres with a certain Renaissance nature, although it is also beautifully enveloping more modern and youthful rooms. The yellow illuminates, is energetic, flattering and very vibrant, not suitable for lovers of muted tones.

Monochrome rooms 6


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