Modular modular shelving from Ambivalenz

Is modular shelving of the German firm Ambivalenz It is called "Fläpps" and has a practical design, designed to be used in multiple ways.

Shelving of Ambivalenz 1

Its appearance can not be simpler: these are independent shelves that can be combined together in small groups or modules, or in larger blocks, up to six shelves, covering the entire surface of the wall, as you can see in the pictures.

Shelving of Ambivalenz 2

Shelving of Ambivalenz 3

They are great for use in offices or homes, as they have a very easy to assemble structure and a minimalist aesthetic that adapts to any decorative style, whether more urban or more classic. They are made of wood and barely weigh. Its main structure is anchored to the wall and allows us to adapt them to our taste easily and quickly.

Shelving of Ambivalenz 4

In addition, they can be easily folded for when we no longer want to use a certain shelf. We can find them in various sizes and in various formats (square and rectangular), and in two colors (black and white, also combinable with each other).

Shelving of Ambivalenz 5

Shelving of Ambivalenz 6

A practical idea that allows us to organize our tools in an efficient way and without involving too much DIY work.

Shelving of Ambivalenz 7


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