Modular modern kitchens

When space dictates we must obey, if we live in a small apartment there is no choice but to adapt to the space we have. The kitchen is an indispensable piece in the puzzle that forms all housing, you can not do without it so easily. But of course how to fit a kitchen in a small space can be quite complex. We are going to show you in this article some ideas that different designers have developed to create complete kitchens that do not occupy more than a few square meters.

Modular kitchen designs 1

This modular kitchen is a good design exercise, as well as practice is very beautiful. Playing with cubic shapes has created a kitchen that can give a full service and once collected it hardly occupies one square meter.

Modular kitchen designs 2

On this occasion we have a classic example of modular kitchen design. Everything is in the same plane and simply disappears when lowering the blind.

Modular kitchen designs 3

This kitchen combines both ideas, the panels that cover the entire kitchen leaving it collected and removable pieces that expand the useful space. When it is collected we have a nice reminder drawing of its usefulness.

Modular kitchen designs 4

This modular kitchen is a magnificent job that offers very successful solutions, like those of any normal kitchen but which is collected instead forming a cube that does not occupy two square meters.

Modular kitchen designs 5

For those who prefer another type of design, modern but without having to go out and save the pieces that make up the kitchen we have this beautiful job. All the elements of a kitchen placed vertically and on a rotating pedestal.

Modular kitchen designs 6

And for lovers of minimalism we propose this kitchen. An idea that reduces a kitchen to the minimum expression. A solution maybe extreme but very interesting.


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