Modular furniture inspired by dolls 'matrioskas'

The most modern furniture designs take into account, more and more, practical issues such as the use of space in the home. It is not surprising, therefore, that we find designs that are full of resources, very functional and at the same time urban, such as Modular furniture , formed (as its own name indicates) by modules or blocks.


From this premise these have been designed Matroshka furniture , inspired by the popular Russian dolls of the same name, which house a chain of identical dolls inside, but of different sizes.



What we find thanks to this design is a furniture of the most practical made from various blocks that can adapt to any circumstance from day to day. In the morning we have a corner for lunch or dinner, consisting of a stool, a square table and a series of small seats that slide from the inside:


Also during the afternoon we can have this other place for rest, very collected and welcoming:


During the night the piece becomes the perfect place to sleep, thanks to the possibility of transforming the module into a practical bed:


The different possibilities that allows us to build this very useful furniture, with a geometric finish and as versatile as we see in the photographs, make it indispensable for any urban housing that needs these inspired resources, making the most of the space available in the home. In addition, we can find it in very varied colors.



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