Modern style garden fences

The white garden fences with their vertical slats are a thing of the past or are reserved in any case for vintage style houses. In modern houses other types of fences have been imposed, those with horizontal slats and varnished wood finishes in natural tones. Let's see below some of these modern style garden fences.

Modern style garden fences

The horizontal lines have the virtue of creating a sense of spaciousness and is what is usually sought with this type of modern fences because most times the current gardens are usually not very large.

Modern style garden fences 1

Another of its qualities is that this type of fences greatly increase the privacy of the garden because they tend to be higher and the slats are placed closer together.

Modern style garden fences 2

Aesthetically they also make the garden automatically have a more modern and modern look than with classic fences.

Modern style garden fences 3

Modern garden fences allow a wide variety of uses. Here we see that the wooden fence has been combined with a stretch of stone wall. It is a combination that always works.

Modern style garden fences 4

The combined use of wood and stone or concrete is very widespread and allows to connect the aesthetics of the fence with that of the house.

Modern style garden fences 5

In this particular case the wooden fence creates a nice contrast with the rocks below. The warmth of the wood and the hardness of the stone are a great combination when creating contrast.

Modern style garden fences 6

Sometimes it is interesting to coordinate the horizontal lines of the fence with details of the same type of the facade of the house.

Modern style garden fences 7

Simplicity and linearity are very important aspects to assess the success of this type of fences in recent years.

Modern style garden fences 8

In the sloping plots they are a great ally when it comes to marking the profile. This stepped appearance gives character to the fence.

Modern style garden fences 9

On this occasion we see a magnificent example of safeguarding privacy. The union of the slats without holes allows to turn our garden into a private place without the visual and psychological impact of a masonry wall.

Modern style garden fences 10

This type of fences as we see here are of interest both to increase the privacy of the home and to disguise some defect or hide parts that we do not want to be seen from the outside.

Modern style garden fences 11

These wooden fences can be complemented with the cultivation of plants to give them a more natural and less hard air.

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