Modern style for a summer house

The modern style of this Summer house accompanies the visitor in his relaxing days. The house is very close to a lake and can be seen from the top of the house.

Modern holiday home 1

The study "DVA Arhitekta" He has been in charge of the interior design and has found his inspiration in the most modernist and contemporary elements. Design armchairs with a most comfortable appearance, spacious and spacious corners, modernist kitchen in red and white make a decoration with a vocation for sobriety and comfort. The windows completely surround this space and allow incredible views of nature and the great lake.

Modern holiday house 2

Modern holiday home 4

This style is the one that better goes to a structure that on the outside also presents modernist traces, and which is accompanied by a stone facade that gives it a more natural look. In the interior also abound the rugged stone walls, of great beauty.

Modern holiday home 5

Do not miss the pool and an outdoor area to sunbathe and relax, very close to a small pine forest. A beautiful recreational village to spend the summer wrapped in silence, surrounded by nature.

Modern holiday home 3


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