Modern spaces next to stairs

The stairs of a house are one of those really showy elements to which you can take much advantage, both the structure of the staircase and the area that surrounds it. We show you how to decorate spaces close to stairs in a modern way to get visually suggestive panoramas like these.


To begin with, you have to take into account how much space is available. This will allow you to play with more or less elements in the composition of different designs. Although to create modern spaces, it is not as necessary to add as many objects as there are suitable ones and those that create more style.

Color is also important to illuminate this area of ​​the home. We can choose to paint the surrounding walls with bright colors or, on the contrary, dispense with them and opt for a truly flattering minimalist nudity.



Plants, resting corners, lamps and paintings are some of the most used objects to add life to the stairs area, but not the only ones. In general we can play with all kinds of elements, since, being these modern spaces, we can innovate and get away from the established norm to configure more visually daring corners.


Another aspect is lighting: if the stairs are next to large windows, let's take advantage of the natural light to create a nice place for reading. If, on the other hand, you do not enjoy much light in this part of the house, you will have to play with the interior lighting and, once again, with the painting of the walls, for example.


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