Modern shared space

This stylish space shares two kitchen and living room functions. The furniture that make up the kitchen and the wooden floor are composed of dark wood, as well as the structure of the sofa and the side tables, which brings naturalness and warmth.

Department of modern decoration 1

The kitchen is formed by a large storage cabinet that occupies the entire wall. In the American bar is the work area for cooking and the sink. Followed by a bar of blue granite night thought to eat and complemented by 4 super stools high silver metallic.

The main lighting of the kitchen comes from a large pendant light rail that covers almost the entire length of the kitchen.

Department of modern decoration 2

One of the protagonist pieces or that captures the most attention and highlights of this space is, without a doubt, the ostentatious central pendant lamp that contributes brightness with a beautiful design of threads full of crystal bubbles, it is young and elegant. It also enhances the beautiful and unconventional structure of the stepped ceiling with profiles marked by a led lighting line.

Modern decoration department 3

On the one hand the color of the carpet is according to the color of the room. On the other hand, the modern print joins the bubble lamp and the panels that create a false illusion of windows and give a cosmopolitan and current touch to the space.

As you can see the shared spaces can fit perfectly and be very nice, as well as being very practical now they take a lot of open and shared spaces, do you dare?


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