Modern rooms for creative young people

A teenager's room must be more than a place to retire when he does not want to talk to his parents. It should be a reflection of your personality and a space where you can feel comfortable, confident and inspired. The rooms in this post reflect bets with different aesthetics but with the same purpose, to provide young people with spaces that they can truly feel theirs.


Although this first option is not really a room, it is rather an office, office or work area is a proposal that could easily be converted into a bedroom by adding a bed or changing the sofa for it. The decorator Pavel Vetrov has used colors with a lot of contrast and personality, black, yellow and white to create a sophisticated space with a lot of personality.



We are facing an ideal space for study and introspection, serious, relaxed and very stylish. Surely something good comes out of any young person's work in such an inspiring place.


Svitlana Petelko offers us here a more typical space, the classic youth room with a work area and a rest area with a huge and comfortable bed that invites you to lie down and read.



The work area has a desk and the usual accessories to prepare school work. But the decoration does not want to miss that young and playful taste that must still last for a while and reminds us with that fantastic ferris wheel.


Many times we are constrained by space, this proposal shows us a small room resolved with grace, charm and a lot of elegance.



An enormous blackboard to squeeze the creative part, a good work and study area, a day bed and night bed and the possibility of exercising on the trellis.


This double room is ideal for brothers who have to share a room. Two elegant beds and an atmosphere that does not detract at all.



Fun and work have the essential spaces. A decoration with a lot of style and that reminds us of the classic design of the twentieth century.


We have seen very serious proposals but maybe the character of the young man asks for something more vibrant and fun. This room with these rich yellow tones is an interesting option for a slightly younger age group or for a teenager who prefers a bright and energetic space.


It is a very vital space, clean and that of course makes start up the most lazy. A perfect room to recharge the batteries of the most exhausted young man.


Finally we booked this sophisticated and elegant room. The canopy bed and the use of wood create a warm and very special space.



A room that will be perfect for a young woman concerned about beautiful things, art and design. A very relaxing space and where to feel sheltered and happy.

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