Modern living rooms in white range

These modern living rooms in range of whites combine classicism and contemporaneity in one. On the one hand, they are classics because of their apparent sobriety; on the other, they represent a revitalizing proposal for all spaces, projecting brightness and elegance.

Livings in white 1

They are spaces where white takes the spotlight for, without an apparent visual richness, to create comfortable and very attractive stays. A different bet for those looking for a modern design without shrillness, but with charm.

Livings in white 2

The most avant-garde trends opt for monochrome rooms, either in white or in other ranges. On this occasion, we chose the white for the breadth of space that suggests, the clarity it brings and the suggestion that comes off in the furniture, being this, as we see, a furniture of last generation: clear lines, geometric, bulky spaces.

Livings in white 3

One option to get some visual nuance is to fill the space with a small contribution of color. Gray is another option, suggestive and modern, chameleonic, but there are also other tones in cold colors or warm colors. Minimum brushstrokes on this occasion, yes.

Livings in white 4

White also adapts to other more eclectic styles, not as modern, as classic proposals where the sober furniture of all life reigns. We only need to add natural light to have those rooms where modern life finds an oasis of relaxation.

Livings in white 5

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