Modern lighting for kitchens

The lighting system LED It is modern and novel. The light that it transmits is of different intensity, and it is not incompatible with the low consumption lighting option. The characteristics of this type of lights help to create very contemporary environments, in different ranges of colors, for all tastes.

LED kitchen lighting 1

The biggest novelty of this system is that it allows to incorporate lighting from different angles. The lights can be placed at the desired height, both the ceiling and the floor, through a circuit at the bottom of the furniture. They are very similar to neon lights, which in some cases can serve to create more intimate, magical and original environments.

LED kitchen lighting 2

Combined with classical lighting, this method is ideal for creating different environments within the same space. The cooking area can, for example, be illuminated with fluorescents or lamps, while LED lighting would be reserved for other spaces. In this way, we favor the coexistence of different ways of illuminating the same environment, according to the needs.

LED kitchen lighting 3

Example of green LED lighting combined with classic lighting: the result is, as you can see, fascinating.

LED kitchen lighting 4

Also in violet you can get totally new lighting.

LED kitchen lighting 5

In blue, in this kitchen you can appreciate the creation of different spaces through light. Modern and beautiful in equal parts.

LED kitchen lighting 6


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