Modern kitchens with central island

Among the different types of kitchen you can find these models are with islands incorporated. When the furniture of the kitchen is divided, it is the case that a piece of furniture can be found in the middle of space. It is called an island and can function as an auxiliary piece of furniture, to have more space, or it can be an important part of the kitchen itself.

Kitchens with islands 1

The function of the island is mainly to separate the kitchen in different areas. It is a different distribution, in which the kitchen is an open space and a multi-space in itself. These island furniture offer the possibility of creating a different surface to cook or be, more flexible and less rigid. Let's see how they are in these modern kitchens.

"Venere La Isla" is a modern Italian design in which ergonomic curves are very present. The central island amplifies the kitchen and makes it more dynamic. Next to it there is a glass table that comes to complete the design. The glossy laminate white finish is truly spectacular.

Kitchens with islands 2

Kitchens with islands 3

In this other kitchen model we have a table ready to sit as a central island. Its elongated shape offers many possibilities of space and stands out among the great equipment of this kitchen, which does not lack anything. An option for large families or to have an extra space for the guests.

Kitchens with islands 4

A kitchen in white and wood, modern at the same time classic. The small island complements the space, and with its reduced dimensions it facilitates that the space in which this kitchen unfolds is very functional.

Kitchens with islands 5

The same goes for this latest model, whose ultramodern surface in steel is the ideal material for a state-of-the-art kitchen. The island solves the problems of space and makes it easy to cook at ease.

Kitchens with islands 6


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