Modern kitchens in blue

The blue It is the color chosen to equip these kitchens with the most modern designs. A color that is very clean and clear, and that dresses these environments with a freshness like few colors do. Whether from the furniture and appliances equipment or from the walls themselves, the blue transforms these spaces with the beauty of its different ranges.

Blue kitchens 1

We can choose a marine blue or a lighter one; there is also a wide range of intermediate blues. Combined with white, we will achieve a more transparent space. The softness of blue offers a space full of clarity. Together with the modern design of these kitchens, blue creates a harmonious place, where cooking or eating becomes a most rewarding activity.

Blue kitchens 2

Another good option is to add some touches of blue, instead of having a full kitchen in this tone. This is the case of this proposal: a clear, bright design with a very symmetrical surface.

Blue kitchens 3

In light cyan blue, this kitchen has an avant-garde touch of great beauty. In this range, blue shines and highlights straight surfaces and simple lines of furniture.

Blue kitchens 4

This other range of blue, slightly violet, is the one chosen for the country style design of this kitchen, signed by Clive Christian. The blue of the wall, the seats and the curved surface of the main table are a success.

Blue kitchens 5

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