Modern coffee tables in wood

The wood it is one of those imperishable materials. It is a classic that does not go out of fashion and we constantly resort to decorating. On this occasion, we present coffee tables with a current style, made in different woods (mahogany, oak, pine). Although we could say that this is the only thing that they have in common, since the styles, in short, are very different.

coffee tables in wood1

The wood It is close and simple, adaptable to different decorative styles, as well as being useful and also economical. The usefulness of the coffee tables varies depending on what we want for each moment: they can be used to prepare dinners and fast meals, as an auxiliary element, or they can exercise their function as a decorative complement one hundred percent. In both cases, we will take into account the size of its surface, as well as its shape.

coffee tables in wood2

This dark oak wood table is clear that completely represents the second option: its style of "table in cascade" or "nest table" places it fully as an element of decoration with a very personal touch.

coffee tables in wood3

Sometimes the wood can be complemented with glass, as the following proposal, in which the base of the table has been made in this material, while the surface is glass. Both elements are fixed by means of a steel support.

coffee tables in wood4

In this other model, the beautiful chestnut colored wood, has been added a translucent glass that clearly gives a note of delicacy.

coffee tables in wood5

As we can see, the structure of these models is very different: the wood can be superimposed or folded down to achieve more space. Original designs for all tastes, with the elegance that wood prints to our most personal space.

coffee tables in wood6

coffee tables in wood6 1

coffee tables in wood8


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