Modern bathrooms with wood

Wood is a traditional and very useful material that always favors the interior of every home. In the bathroom, for example, its presence is a success, it is a classic and safe bet to recreate balanced and colorful environments.
These are some proposals of modern bathrooms equipped with wood . Classic and contemporary elements merge to give way to bright interiors and full of harmony, where the wood contributes its always effective touch of distinction.

Bathrooms with wood 1

The furniture clad in light wood and less robust offers clarity. The surfaces of basic lines help create that aspect of balance and spacious environment. We can combine it with large tiles in toasted colors, similar to wood, and white and basic sanitaryware. The result can not be more exquisite.

Bathrooms with wood 2

Bathrooms with wood 3

Depending on the different types of existing wood, you can opt for surfaces that are sharper than others. If the wood is robust, it translates into interiors with greater warmth but a priori less clarity. Balanced lighting helps put attention on those corners that need it most.

Bathrooms with wood 4

Bathrooms with wood 5

Another effective solution is to incorporate large mirrors to gain volume optically. Help yourself with wooden baskets and basic shelves to organize your belongings; They are another guarantee of beauty. Complement, in addition, with contemporary furniture and some avant-garde detail to give that modernized style to the interior of the bathroom. The walls painted with metallic effect will achieve a more personal and modernist stamp to the interior. Its contrast with the clarity of the wood is highly flattering.

Bathrooms with wood 6


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