Modern art in a classical setting

One of the most rewarding challenges in home decoration is juxtaposing apparently opposite elements to improve the space in general. Let's explore this idea a little more, we will see how modern works of art can fit perfectly into traditional spaces. One can think that art always fits anywhere, it can be true but with nuances, apart from its intrinsic value as a work of art, every element that we incorporate into a decoration must have a connection with the environment where we are going to place it. This connection can be based on multiple factors, on the color, the form, the material with which it is built and a very long etcetera of conditioning factors.

Decorate with modern art 1

The vivid colors of these paintings are impressive, so placing them against a wall painted in a soft yellow butter is great. And the lower wooden panel helps to frame the space that works of art occupy. The golden frames also integrate the paintings on the wall while linking the paintings with the general tones of the room. It has been used to hang the strings chains with cloth covers which gives a fantastic retro touch, style to the luxurious trains of yesteryear like the Orient-Express.

Decorating with modern art 2

Consider this idea of ​​modern art: hang ceramic tiles as a decorative wall element. These shown here are actually simple ceramic tiles finished in metallic tones. Located in a traditional space that pays homage to the natural elements, carpet of vegetal fibers, wall with exposed bricks, wooden floor, it fits perfectly into the environment of the room.

Decorating with modern art 3

This eclectic atmosphere is easy to achieve as long as we respect some basic rules, if we are going to hang many works of different and striking colors we will always do it on a white wall and using frames made with the same type of molding and in light color.

Decorating with modern art 4

This large living room and dining room decorated in warm colors is tremendously classic and without these three large abstract paintings it would be absolutely boring and outdated. On the other hand, the paintings, which adapt wonderfully due to their shape and size to the room, give that touch of light and color that the room was screaming for.

Decorating with modern art 5

In this hall, at first glance, it seems that there are plenty of paintings that do not have much to do with decoration. But if we look better we will observe that the colors and lines do integrate perfectly with the rest of the environment. At the same time they fill and color an excessively neutral wall.


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