Modern and minimalist accessories to decorate interiors

The accessories with which we decorate the spaces of the home help define, improve or energize a specific style. There are infinite ranges of accessories that we can fit in our home in very different ways. Let's see some ideas for those who want to use contemporary accessories and with a minimalist style .

Modern and minimalist accessories 1

The minimalism of these objects is vital to create very subtle and light decorations that do not exhaust visually but frame the style or dynamize it. In this sense, ceramic accessories incorporated in strategic corners are very useful, in a second plane so as not to detract from the rest of the elements as a visual support. Paintings, pictures and photographs at different scales are usually the most common in very varied styles. A personal touch never left over in the decoration.

Modern and minimalist accessories 2

The minimalism and the duplicity of some accessories (twin vases placed next to each other) manage to create a contemporary style where, often, it is not necessary to add anything else. This expressive economy is very useful for housing to have a modern style and design, but without having to invest a lot of money. Another possibility is to use objects with a geometric style as a centerpiece, natural ornaments in the bedroom, glass containers and lamps without lampshades.

Modern and minimalist accessories 3

This modular wooden shelf has been placed at an angle to the wall to form a perfect complement. Its successful distribution hive type allows to place all those decorative ornaments that we have. The visual richness that they contribute is undoubted.

Modern and minimalist accessories 4

In the bathroom it is quite common to use different accessories and accessories, from a container for hand soap or toothbrush, to towel racks, vessels for candles or incense, boxes, decorative fountains ... all with that minimalist tone away from the eccentric , that is to say, that they are above all clean and light surfaces.

Modern and minimalist accessories 5


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