Modern and functional decoration for teenagers

Generally, the great creations of the design are oriented to the adult market and the furniture destined to children and adolescents are in the background. But from time to time it seems that there is a small revolution and the professional looks at this unattended market and tries to inject some new sap. It seems a contradiction but in most of the occasions a modern and functional decoration for teenagers is difficult to achieve.


The Russian architecture studio was entrusted with this task " INT2 architecture "And conceived for this age group this module that contains in a compact form all that a young person can need in his room.


Lately we have seen many creations that follow this philosophy that aims to gather in the smallest possible space the largest number of auxiliary furniture.


But this module is very suitable and functional for the room of young people and teenagers. First highlight that feeling of nest or den that young people are going to like. The second the ease to accommodate it in different spaces or arrangements. And finally the free space that leaves for its users to perform other activities.


The closet and drawers under the bed offer a huge amount of storage space. Also easy to perform, which is not bad because the teenagers to pick up and save seems to always have a huge effort.


Shelves in the front, on the side of the bed and many more storage spaces on both sides of the bed. The truth is that this module will be tremendously practical in any teenager's room.



We must highlight the large free space that leaves for young people to study and fulfill their tasks at your desk. I love the vision from the bed, it must be very nice to be in bed with that feeling of protection it offers.


The desk does not clash at all with the style of the module. Remember the portable desks worn by British explorers in their journeys through Africa and the Middle East, beautiful.


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