Modern and colorful modular sofas

The modular sofas , as indicated by its own name, are composed of small movable modules . This practical design allows us to create the type of sofa with which we have always dreamed, moving each module to the desired place and adapting it to the needs of the moment. Here we present a series of modern and colorful modular sofas for contemporary and, above all, very dynamic spaces.

Modular sofas 1

The Italian firm Primafila presents this collection of modular sofas (see sofas black-white and orange-white) perfectly symmetrical . They adapt to all kinds of spaces and corners, whatever their size. Highlights its light weight geometric touch and its comfortable finish, very current.

Modular sofas 2

We can also find models like these, composed of larger modules and combination of various colors and designs . Perfect for the leisure and the break Of all the family.

Modular sofas 3

Modular sofas 4

Cheerful and colorful, in electric pastel, yellow and blue tones, Kube Basic It is the ideal sofa for salons that need a live design. its naif appearance It is bright and fun. The signature ZeroTreArchitetti for the Italy Line.

Modular sofas 5

We close with a cream model, ultramodern and with an air minimalist that fits perfectly in large spaces. The colorful touch is in charge of the accessories: the higher the contrast between tones, the more the seat will look, as it contributes, this time, the fuchsia of the cushions.

Modular sofas 6


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