Mistakes to avoid when designing a kitchen

Regardless of the lifestyle we lead, we end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen . Preparing the meal, having a snack, having breakfast with the family, etc. The kitchen is now a place of socialization, we receive close friends in the kitchen and we usually leave the dining room for the most solemn acts or meetings or to receive people with whom we do not have much confidence. Therefore the design of the kitchen, in addition to its visual aspect, has to take into account the functionality, because we will perform many tasks in it. The specialists in kitchen design give us some guidelines to improve the design of the kitchens.

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The specialists call work triangle to the area between the kitchen, the sink and the refrigerator. This is the kitchen area where practically all the work is done and must be meticulously planned so that it is not obstructed or too small or too large. Specialists recommend that the sum of the sides of this working triangle be not less than three meters or more than seven and the inner surface must be free of any obstacle.

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You never have to lose storage space, the kitchen is a place where many elements are used for the different jobs that are carried out in it. We have to plan the organization very well in order to have enough space to store cooking pots and food.

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A poorly lit kitchen is a useless kitchen. It is essential to have enough light, not only because it is visual and beauty that brings good lighting, but for pure pragmatism since we are going to use sharp knives and to cook and we need to see what we do well. Also the food comes through the eyes and without proper lighting the dishes we cook will not stand out.

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It is also essential to have enough work space, the countertop should be as large as possible and clear. In a kitchen you have to place many appliances on the countertop, coffee makers, blenders, etc ... that are subtracting work space. If the kitchen is large enough, at least two and a half meters wide by four meters long, it is interesting to place an island or a breakfast bar perpendicular to the counter.

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Another unavoidable point is ventilation, the better it is to be in the kitchen and even in the rest of the house. A poorly ventilated kitchen is a source of bad odors for the whole household. So it will be important to choose a good smoke extraction system that in addition to making life more comfortable will extend the life of appliances and furniture.

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Another important mistake is not to think about waste disposal; we have to project the place where the bucket or garbage cans will go to separate and recycle.

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Choosing the latest to go fashion in kitchens, is not necessarily an error but the choice of the latest kitchen designs and high-end equipment may not be the best option. The most elegant color of seasonal and fashion designs have a short half-life, and you may never manage to amortize your kitchen in the short space of time that fashions last

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