Miscellany of styles in a Scandinavian loft

The mix of styles It has been the decorative choice to furnish this beautiful loft located in Göteborg, Sweden. One of its best assets is the constant natural lighting in each of its corners, something that, together with the altitude of its roofs, results in a spacious space with a simple and very natural style.

Loft in Scandinavian style 1

The beauty of Scandinavian style it manifests itself with all the force of an unmistakable proposal in which the different contributions of other tendencies are mixed and complemented with great personality.

Loft in Scandinavian style 2

Loft in Scandinavian style 4

We see how the classic Ikea-style furniture, which is of Swedish origin, is combined very naturally with vintage objects and accessories, works of art on the walls and other relics that mark the interior trend of this house.

Loft in Scandinavian style 3

As for the colors, the white predominates, but it is not the only one, since this one is superimposed on a palette in very flattering shades of raw and beige. They are joined in blue, pink or salmon, and the freshness of the green of the plants next to the windows.

Loft in Scandinavian style 5

There is a minimalist air that manages to create spaces based on the richness of small details, with all the magic of these semi-nude and intimate corners. In short, a house where the warmth of Nordic style plus manners adds to a fascinating miscellany of nuances.

Loft in Scandinavian style 6

Photos: lamaisondannag.blogspot.fr

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