Mirrors in the cabinet: luminous surfaces

A closet with its mirror on the surface solves Many problems of space and light in a room . If the mirror occupies the entire surface of the wardrobe, we find an optical effect capable of duplicating the dimensions of the room, thanks to the reflection of the room itself on the mirror itself.

Mirrors in the closet 1

Anyway, it is not essential to have a closet with mirror occupying the entire surface. There are many options of wardrobes with mirrors for a bedroom, whether these are built-in wardrobes on the wall or individual pieces.

Mirrors in the wardrobe 3

This mirror option occupying the entire surface of the sliding doors of the closet is a great example of what we talked about earlier: we see how the light reflected on the mirror enlarges the dimensions of the room. This option is always good in case of small rooms.

Mirrors in the closet 2

But also the idea of ​​reflecting part of the house on the mirror of a closet can be a good decorative incentive, as in this case, a wardrobe on which part of the mirror reflects the hall. A detail that will attract the eye and will be a decorative find.

Mirrors in the closet 4

Another idea to place mirrors on the wardrobe are these two, in which we find a split mirror surface , as a border. Interesting proposal that attracts all the light on itself and reflects the corners and corners of the bedroom, forming a beautiful picture.

Mirrors in the wardrobe 5

Mirrors in the wardrobe 6

Photos: armodel.com ; mobihome.es

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