Minimalist terrace decoration

The terraces They are a good complement to the house to enjoy good weather. Its decoration can be focused on leisure and rest or also towards gardening, this being one of the places in the house with the greatest presence of plants, vines and other crops.

Minimalist style terraces 1

In this sense, we are going to present some ideas for a minimalist decoration of the terraces, that which allows to enjoy a good resting place with all the necessary space, without leaving aside the decorative notes.

Minimalist style terraces 2

Minimalist style terraces 3

Minimalism is characterized by the little presence of objects. A couple of details or three are enough, since the expressive economy is the main rule of this style. If the plants dominate the space of the terrace, it is best to opt for a piece of furniture that fulfills practical functions (tables to support objects, benches to sit on) or another type of functional decorations, such as lanterns for lighting, placed between the floors and pots.

Minimalist style terraces 4

One of the main advantages of minimalism in the outdoor spaces that surround the house is to favor the passage, accentuate the dimensions and give prominence to the most natural materials, such as wood. We will create special corners, where you can organize meetings with guests, as well as places to rest or sunbathe. Just a couple of decorative details will be enough to accentuate the warmth of these spaces, with influences from the most Zen and modernist trends.

Minimalist style terraces 5


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