Minimalist shelves for the bathroom

Made from beech wood, these mini-pieces work perfectly as shelves for the bathroom . Its naturalness and its minimalist charm make them the perfect complement to place the daily cleaning utensils.

Minimalist bathroom shelves 1

These are circular pieces, some shaped like a bowl and other simple shelves. Even one of them has a built-in rotating mirror. They do not occupy anything, as you can see, they are the most practical accessories for the day to day. Easy to place on the wall, they are really practical and you can change your location whenever you want, in a moment.

Minimalist bathroom shelves 2

They have that natural charm of wooden things, made by hand, and their innate naturalism makes them completely integrated into the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to have an air of 'spa', these small pieces are going to be the most suitable for it. So easy to install that only one screw is needed.

Minimalist bathroom shelves 3

But not only in the bathroom will look great, they can also be very useful in other spaces of the house: next to the bed, to leave the alarm clock or glass of water; in the living room or hall, as a shelf for decorative figures; or in the hall. They are from the French firm Inga Sempé , specialized in designing small accessories for the home as well as coquettish.

Minimalist bathroom shelves 4


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