Minimalist rooms in black and white

The minimalist style continues to triumph among lovers of decoration. This trend continues to rise and more and more are pointing to an aesthetic concept that dispenses with the accumulation of utensils and avoids chromatic overload, betting, at best, on one or two colors. A very Zen decorative style in which the objects of avant-garde design predominate, the straight and sober lines and the always diaphanous spaces.

Livings of minimalist style 1

The room is the laboratory of ideas for all adept in this self-respecting style. Starting from the premise that "less is more", we find these examples of black and white rooms , where yin y yang , light and dark, they make their way in the smallest details, reduced to their minimum expression.

Minimalist style livings 2

The walls, whether painted white or black, appear almost always bare; two or three ornamental sheets seem to be enough if we want to stick to the canon of the minimum. The furniture must be rectangular. The low tables are arranged on a carpet of the opposite color, to accentuate the maximum decorative duality. The large sofas, L-shaped, and cushions, many cushions, to be able to be printed with two colors. This will create an atmosphere as modern as sophisticated and elegant. In terms of lighting, we will highlight even more the contrast with good lighting, betting on a standing lamp or, if you like, a hanging ceiling lamp, although the most effective idea is still to place a few panels. We can finish the set by placing a puff in an intimate corner.

Minimalist style livings 3

Minimalist style livings 4

Livings of minimalist style 5

Livings of minimalist style 6


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