Minimalist design bedrooms

Many people think of decorating their bedroom in minimalist design for more than just being fashionable. The minimalist design is characterized mainly by being eminently practical. In addition to opting for a minimalist design in these times when houses are expensive is an intelligent option, the same meters of house with less furniture are more meters of free space. Decorating a room in minimalist design is not as complicated as entry may seem.

Minimalist style rooms 1

The essence of design of a bedroom in minimalist style is to keep everything simple, basic and "clean". Put only those furniture that are needed, neither more nor less. It is achieved with this that our bedroom is wider or at least transmit that feeling. The furniture that we choose must be minimalist, with clear and straight lines and low. The bed should be low legs or even without them, a good result is achieved with beds that only carry a very low platform. The low elevation of the bed provides an undeniable advantage, the roof is further away and the sense of spaciousness increases considerably.

Minimalist style rooms 2

On the walls you have to put as little as possible, the best decoration for a minimalist bedroom is a large window. This will bring light, another of the imponderables of the minimalist decoration , and with it amplitude. The color palette is another fundamental element for a coherent minimalist decoration, basic and neutral colors, white and some black. A small note of bright color will also give us depth, red, orange ... the lighting can also help us create that clear and "clean" environment. Finally you can introduce some natural texture, wood, stone ...


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