Minimalism with air of 50

Minimalism is not always white and naked, this apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, dismantles this hackneyed topic. It is one of a series of luxury apartments created by architect Love Arbén in an industrial building from 1949, previously used as a laboratory.

Minimalist apartment

With 105 square meters the apartment is divided into two small pieces and a larger open concept space that brings together the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.

Minimalist apartment 1

The walnut wood used profusely to decorate the front of the kitchen with all its cabinets and one of the walls of separation added to the oak parquet floor give the apartment that look so 50's. Charming set the dining room with the classic table and the rustic braided rope chairs.

Minimalist apartment 2

The entrance hall is reduced to a Thonet chair and a shelf with shelves that houses the owner's collection of baseball caps. On the floor, next to the wall, he exhibits his limited edition sports collection.

Minimalist apartment 3

In a small corner of the room there is a nice living room that accommodates a small chaise longue, a coffee table and some accessories.

Minimalist apartment 4

In the bedroom, the seriousness of the atmosphere is broken with colorful bedding and matching pillows.

Minimalist apartment 5

The bathroom looks very luxurious with the floor and walls covered with slate. A space of minimalist design made with a new look and in one of the cradles of Scandinavian design so neatly used all over the world during the last decades.


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