Mini-parks full of water lilies

Water lilies, also called water lilies, are aquatic plants par excellence. If you like them and want to grow them in your own home, you do not need to have a huge pond for it. Did you know that you can also use pots, wooden barrels or container containers to plant them? The ideas that we are going to propose in this article are simple to follow and will allow you to enjoy with comfort all the care and charms that these beautiful water plants offer.

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Whatever you choose, the first thing you should be clear about is that the larger the water lily, the larger the container in which you must place it. For some much smaller variety, 15-30 centimeters deep will be sufficient, although most need around 50-80 centimeters to grow at ease. The best planting season is from spring, especially April, and in summer, in the months of June and July. In case it is winter, you should monitor the ambient temperature to prevent them from wilting. Light is also an important element: water lilies are a species that requires a lot of sunlight.

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There are many types of prefabricated plastic tanks of different sizes and shapes that can help you, which will save you space. This is a good option if you have a small garden or terrace. You will have to fill them with soil enriched with substrate, which you will have to put in the bottom. This preparation will give the plants all the necessary contribution for an assured growth. If you want, you can also decorate with stones, pebbles and other types of plants, such as small lettuce or water hyacinths and ferns. All this will give a much more natural look to the whole.

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If you choose to plant in clay pot, keep in mind that the interior should be made of glass. Another good option is to place a plastic sheet to create a waterproof effect to ensure that the water looks clean.

With patience and great care, as the days pass, you will see beautiful lotus flowers bloom on your water lilies. Enjoy them!

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