Mini-living rooms with a lot of style

Having limited space in the home is not incompatible with style, beauty or order. Starting from these three decorative premises, we will see proposals to equip living rooms in minimal spaces with authentic style. We present some proposals that can (and should) become a reference on how to get the most out of a mini space in very different trends.

Small rooms with style 1

With an unmistakable packaging industrial , this first room or lounge (top image) is presented in white with some details in black and with a brick wall that stands out in a rather practical space. The whole has a certain resemblance to the most beautiful Nordic spaces. Special mention deserve the symmetrical and very useful wall shelves to gain space.

We continue with a living room with mini-dining room incorporated in warm and electric tones. Beautiful colors for a Bohemian setting with retro details that, despite the limited space, creates a solid and very welcoming space.

Small rooms with style 2

Another example of eclectic lounge where space is used to the maximum. As we can see, in decoration many times "less" is synonymous with "more". More style and more quality.

Small rooms with style 3

The important thing in all these proposals is to replace this lack of initial space with details that help create warm and especially homey sets. A good sofa is the key to creating a rest area. The accessories are sometimes reduced to a minimum, and the color or textures used put the finishing touch.

Small rooms with style 4

Industrial, retro and bohemian , again a small space for a loft in which dining room and living room are very charming:

Small rooms with style 5

These last proposals have a few more square meters and present us with two very different tendencies: on the one hand, a charming lounge in blue and white with shabby flashes and one more urban, modern , in neutral and more functional tones.

Small rooms with style 6

Small rooms with style 7


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