Mini-kitchens for very small spaces

In very small homes, the use of space is everything. In the case of kitchens , there are several solutions to equip them without missing anything, resorting to the basics, but also to multifunctional furniture.

Kitchens for small spaces 01

We present a series of mini-kitchens that, in spite of the small surface in which they are distributed, does not have problems of equipment: they have everything necessary to cook and perform other tasks, although, yes, the space they offer to do it is much smaller than the of a common kitchen, of course.

Kitchens for small spaces 02

The furniture "all in one", well equipped with countertop, cabinets, refrigerator, oven or microwave are the most used for kitchens of smaller size. We will not miss anything and everything will be conveniently grouped and always within reach.

Kitchens for small spaces 03

Kitchens for small spaces 06

Kitchens for small spaces 07

An important solution for these kitchens is that they are located next to a major light source. A window open to the outside or a glass get that, despite this small space in which we are going to move, not overwhelming or claustrophobic, as the entry of light and air get the opposite effect: give life to the kitchens.

Kitchens for small spaces 04

Kitchens for small spaces 05

Also look for light colors, pastel shades, whites, blues and creams. They are colors that reflect and project light. Bet on modern furniture and run away from dark colors and outdated tiles.

Kitchens for small spaces 08

Kitchens for small spaces 09


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