Menamobel tips to decorate your room if it is small

If you are one of the many people around the globe who live in a house or small apartment ... surely you suffer from having a small room. And the fact that it is small, is not the problem itself, but it is not knowing how to decorate it or what to put in it.

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Taking advantage of every available centimeter is crucial not only to satisfy all our needs, but also to make us feel comfortable and comfortable in it. Sometimes we even find ourselves in the same situation where we have the living room, the dining room and the room ... that's when the headaches begin. Do not despair ... everything has a solution! It is what we are going to try to see today so that you can carry out the task yourself. And for this nothing better than a good infographic to take basic and explain in detail the best tips to decorate your room.


With the above mentioned, we can now focus on one of the most important things: furniture for space. If we do not know the measures, we can not know what to buy. And if there is a furniture par excellence that is the first to define is the bed. There is no rest without it! But without a doubt space defines it. If you have a good amount of square meters it will not be a problem to decide, just remember to buy the most appropriate space so that you have circulation and you can add the rest of the furniture you need. Now, if you do not have much space you should look for other options. Here the folding beds make their appearance! Have you thought about buying ideal folding beds for your bedroom? It can be the perfect solution that will allow you to make the most of the space and make use of them only when you need it.

With the bed already defined, we go for the color. When we talk about small spaces, it is best to opt for light and neutral colors , that give us a feeling of spaciousness. For this it is essential to accompany with a good and correct lighting. If the space has good natural light, do not waste it! Place curtains in light colors and minimalist designs. And do not forget to place electric lighting in strategic places.


If you do not have spaces for storage or storage and, in addition, you need to add other furniture such as a bedside table, a coat rack, a chair or sofa, etc. There are some things not to forget when choosing them. To add storage spaces, it is best to place shelves or floating furniture, taking advantage of the available walls around us (without being excessive!). And never lose sight of the mirrors ... they will be your "best friends" when it comes to decorating a small space. They give a feeling of unique amplitude, since they add visual depth to the space in which you place them.

For furniture, look for simple lines, always combining with the minimalist style and play with the materials in which they are made. Glass and acrylic are ideal. By being transparent they create depth like mirrors and will contribute to the sensation of spaciousness of space.

You're ready! If you have a small room you can decorate it yourself! And even more, you can encourage yourself to decorate all the small spaces that are in your home. Do not stop looking for specialized stores where you can get furniture and accessories specially designed in small spaces.

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