Meet the Rebel House

In Almere, Holland, a series of plots were made available to the population so that people could build their own houses. The specifications on the size of the construction were quite restrained. Thus, a construction of no more than 3.7 meters high and a 9 x 8 meter plant was to be carried out.

The house Rebel House 1

The Atelier Van Wengerden he was in charge of one of these constructions and following the rigorous limits set he created the Rebel House that we can see in these images. The purity and simplicity of lines and the angles of the walls that make the floor of the house in the shape of a butterfly are striking. This form is not capricious but quite the opposite since it is very practical to catch all the outside light that can be since the angled walls correspond to the east and west facades of the house.

The house Rebel House 2

In the interior follows the stoicism of the exterior but in a warmer material, wood. The interior walls are lined with the same type of wood with which the shelves and cabinets of the kitchen have been made. The polished cement floor completes the simplicity of the whole.

The house Rebel House 3

The exterior is covered with corrugated aluminum sheet in polished finish and three large windows allow a good natural light to enter the house. Complemented with some smaller windows on the sides. The appearance is of great sobriety but the combination of materials allows a practical, sustainable and economic construction.

The house Rebel House 4

A large central wooden cube houses the bathroom, wardrobes and wardrobes and even a bed for the guests. It also has a sliding door that allows to separate the sleeping area from the living area. Hidden doors allow you to open the house outside in summer.

The house Rebel House 5

A triangular piece of the same style as the house but located in a corner of the garden serves as a small garage for bicycles and storage.


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