Medieval village converted into a hotel

Oriano Architetti Associati has been in charge of the rehabilitation of Sextantio Albergo Diffuso , this is not a hotel to use located in a building and has a reception and a clearly defined area where you know at all times that you are inside the hotel. The "albergo diffuso" is a different concept, it is a whole town or almost, that makes up the hotel. In the case of the Sextantio there are a series of residences scattered throughout the town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio that constitute the hotel's accommodation.

Medieval style hotel 1

Santo Stefano di Sessanio is a fortified medieval town that is located in the Gran Sasso, in the mountains of the Abruzzos mountains at 1250 meters above sea level.

medieval style hotel 2

The town is a classic example of medieval Italian population, with perimeter walls surrounding the houses and squares. During the last century the "modernization" of rural Italy has endangered the architectural heritage of many of its towns and cities. But Santo Stefano, like many towns in the most remote mountains of the Mediterranean, was abandoned when its inhabitants left in search of work. Paradoxically, the abandonment saved the city from architectural abuse.

medieval style hotel 3

The project to conserve and revive Santo Stefano as a "albergo diffuso" has involved a detailed plan to preserve the integrity of the town and its surrounding landscape. In this way, the collaboration of the local authorities has been obtained in order to regulate the urban planning of the city to control all new construction.

medieval style hotel 4

This hotel or rural complex has one of the three catering establishments of the town, it is a medieval tavern that functions as a hotel restaurant. In it the guest can enjoy magnificent breakfasts and taste the magnificent traditional cuisine of this area, very simple but with a great love for its ingredients.

medieval style hotel 5

At all times we have tried to maintain the identity of this peculiar people, so all modern technological devices are hidden from the view of the visitor. The visit to Santo Stefano is like a trip back in time, a visit to the medieval Italian.

medieval style hotel 6

It has also tried to integrate local crafts, traditionally oriented to the production of fabrics, in the decoration of the different houses that form the "albergo diffuso".

medieval style hotel 7

In this environment medieval and rustic , some elements of modernity and comfort like the bathtub in the upper image make life easier for the guests of the establishment.

medieval style hotel 8

This photograph of a room with two beds, rather than reflecting a reality, seems to be a copy of a painting painted many centuries ago. The team of architects has worked hard to revive a traditional space in the Italian mountains.


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