Medieval inspiration for your home

If you have antique and slightly rustic furniture and do not want to get rid of them, now you can take advantage to give your house a touch of medieval inspiration through a series of very simple tricks. An original and very elegant decoration for all kinds of spaces.

Medieval style decoration 1

Antique furniture: At present, antique furniture is a trend that never goes out of style. If you want to enhance its antique appearance by darkening the wood, you can do it by means of a painting technique that imitates perfectly the appearance of old wood. It's about the nogaline , a dye that is extracted from the shell of the nut, and that helps both to create that necessary effect and to "take it out" to the surface, especially when the piece of furniture is too old and needs a new coat of paint

Medieval style decoration 4

Now you can create this effect in large closets, doors, side tables and even at the head of the bed, to feel as if you were in a stately medieval villa, guarded by the old armor of the noble warriors of the time .

Candlesticks, tapestries and curtains: Other complements that can not be missing are the chandeliers and the tapestries. The first, ideal to preside over your dinners with friends or decorate your rooms, being faithful to the way they illuminated the rooms centuries ago. If you have silver candlesticks and you want to give them a more aristocratic appearance, you can darken the silver by means of a bleach bath or chlorine diluted in water.

Medieval style decoration 2

Medieval style decoration 3

As for the tapestries, you can get them in antique stores and other specialized places. There are all sizes and all of them made by hand, in an artisanal and very authentic way. Also, you should choose curtains of bright and warm colors, such as red, and strong fabrics, according to those used in the past.

Wood panels: The wooden shutters are undoubtedly a key element if you want your windows to exhibit the most medieval appearance possible. You can also darken the wood with dark oak wax and create a cracked false wall.

Medieval style decoration 5

Medieval style decoration 7

A canopy bed: In the bedroom you can not miss a four-poster bed, whose curtain can be combined with the rest of the room's pieces: cushions, bedside tables, etc., or dare with a funny pattern to give it a less rigid decorative brush stroke.

Medieval style decoration 6

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