May green take your home

Daring to use different colors in our home is a challenge. Even more so when you are a conservative person or do not dare easily to change, to risk when decorating your home.

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Today we suggest you think about the color Green, a great protagonist who can transform your home into your personal refuges, in the place where they most harmonize.
A few months ago we taught them how to use colors, how important it is to know what each of them means and how to realize the kind of colors we should use in every corner and on every occasion.
Green is synonymous with tranquility, harmony and helps strengthen our personal self-control. So ... why do not we dare use it at home ???
We can combine the color with white furniture, with woods of different shades and play with the wide range of greens. Green olives, light green, bright green ... green = nature ...
They can even be encouraged to combine the green walls with furniture in that same color. You can restore your furniture and paint it to the color of your walls.
Also, for those who have moldings on their walls can combine a range of greens with the range of toasted or cakes to achieve a better harmony, especially for those people who are afraid to easily tire of a color like this.
There are hundreds of combinations that can be made with the green color, only see the room whose walls are green and the furniture blue with small flowers, another beautiful combination that is worth imitating at home ...
They do not believe???

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