Marvelous is the table to play

You are thinking of changing your living table Or maybe place a low table in your room to play with your friends or any other activity? The models you see in the stores do not finish conquering you and you do not know what table to put?

Marvelous is the table to play 1

We give you an original idea. A unique table with which you can play. Yes! likewise, you can play with your table and the marbles!

Marvelous ", Is a wooden table that at first sight, seems boring and common but hides a beautiful secret: play marbles.

Marvelous is the table to play 2

Its support and its legs are mazes for marbles, of the same type that we used to play when we were little. Only, with your friends or with your children ... it is always a good time to play with " Marvelous "
Marvelous "It's a design Ontwerpduo , and if you want to see how this nice table works and behaves, you can see the video that its creators prepared about it.
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