Marsala, the color Pantone 2015

Like every year, Pantone chose last December what the color would be for 2015. It is not a banal decision since it has a great impact on the entire industry related to fashion, decoration and other sumptuary arts. This name will sound to all of you marsala It is a famous wine that is made in the surroundings of the city of Marsala in Sicily, Italy.

Color marsala 11

This characteristic color has been chosen by the Pantone society for its relationship with the earth, that reddish brown tone recalls some types of terrain, and the warmth it conveys. It can be used in any decorative style and is a suitable color for both men and women. The marsala is a color with character and we can introduce it to give warmth to an environment too cold for example. In the image above we have that lamp to the left, the cushions and the carpet that provide the heat that the living room needs.

Color marsala 12

But you can also use the color Marsala in more sophisticated treatments as in this example. A wall painted with a lively tone of this color breaks the excessive neutrality of the environment while combining perfectly with this sophisticated and elegant decoration.

Color marsala 13

The marsala color is easy to combine with wood in almost any tone and certainly brings a point of elegance that can go well in any room of the house. This beautiful upholstered chair attracts and fixes the look that can easily be lost in that immense staircase.

Color marsala 1

Color marsala 2

Color marsala 3

Color marsala 4

Color marsala 5

Color marsala 6

Color marsala 7

Color marsala 8

Color marsala 9

Color marsala 10

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