Marine-inspired bathrooms

When we think about renovating a certain decoration of our home, we can think about choosing a theme and decorating the place with motives that are specific to that theme. This can help us create a more uniform decoration and look for more creative ideas for the home. This is the case of the proposal we are bringing today, which shows some ideas for renovating the bathroom with accessories inspired by the sea breeze and the beauty of the ocean . Also, what better place than a bathroom to give free rein to these summer and refreshing ideas, do not you think?

Marine decoration 1

To begin with, blue can be a good color to set the walls. A soft blue, in its most pastel range, for example, manages to transfer all the harmony and beauty of the sea to our bathroom. This color can also be present in other basin accessories such as towels, soaps, shower curtains and all that type of elements so present in the daily cleaning. Blue can be complemented with white, the softness that both colors give off will favor this intimate space of the home.

Marine decoration 2

Marine decoration 3

Now we are going with some accessories that are very much in line with the marine. Figures in the shape of starfish, seashells, sea horses, stones, anchors and boat rudders ... there is a lot of inspiration to take note and decorate with what we like the most. Another great idea is to decorate the walls with the small sea shells that we have collected on the beach or place jars with sand of different colors, creating subtle and very original decorations.

Marine decoration 4

Marine decoration 5

The most important thing is that all this maritime inspiration really transports us to a very particular and evocative world. Together, all these elements will be very natural and delicate, and the final tone achieved can be surprising.

Marine decoration 6


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