Marble, current trend

Marble is fashionable, you only have to see the most modern kitchens of different decorative styles, from the strictest minimalism to Provencal or Tuscan style use marble for countertops. But not only has the stone become fashionable, it is a trend nowadays to use designs that reproduce marble, paintings, wallpapers, fabrics and a large number of decorative elements.

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These precious vases are made of glass and are painted reproducing a marbling effect that makes them very modern and decorative. There are many techniques and applications to reproduce the natural design of marble.

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Painted techniques and marbled adhesive papers allow us to transform any surface, be it a table, a vase or a frame made of any material, into precious objects with all the appearance of marble.

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We can also find wallpaper to paper a wall that we want to highlight with the natural design of the marble. They are ideal for papering a wall or part of it, it is a way to create a point of visual attraction, a contrast zone that will break the monotony of the room.

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Photography and posters, fabrics to create pillowcases, there are many options to introduce marbling in the decoration of any room.

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Even in fashion, the marble effect has arrived; dresses, trousers and other garments reproduce the design of the decorative stone par excellence. And its design has reached to the decoration of the nails. Marble is here, once again and countless, let's take advantage of the beauty of its whimsical and random natural design.


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