Maracanã House, a house open to the landscape

"Maracanã House" it is a house adapted to outer space in a very ingenious and special way. It has been designed by the Brazilian study "Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados" in the city of São Paulo in 2010. This project was awarded the AsBEA Prize, one of the most important architectural awards in Brazil.

Imposing Brazilian house 1

The construction is of exposed brick and with a very industrial exterior appearance. It is the classic brick and cement uniform construction of residential neighborhoods, so similar to each other. Therefore, the challenge was to turn this space into something different, reinforcing its strengths and taking advantage of them.

Imposing Brazilian house 2

Impressive Brazilian house 3

For example, the fact of having such a solid structure thanks to the brick itself, or its various heights. The house enjoys a great natural light, since it remains open to the outside. There are no walls or doors, practically, it is a residence that is nourished by the contact with the exterior landscape, as we see.

Imposing Brazilian house 4

Imposing Brazilian house 5

There is a lot of vegetation, which adds great color to the main structure. It has a small patio with orchard, a fruit tree and a space to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The interior design is basic, almost one hundred percent in wood, with a light touch rustic very successful. The stairs lead to the upper floors, where the rooms are located. A house that is founded on its own simplicity, in a very inspired mixture of urban housing and ecological house.

Imposing Brazilian house 6

Imposing Brazilian house 7


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