Malle Mars by Louis Vuitton a unique design

If you are thinking of taking a trip ... maybe from Earth to Mars, and you want to have a different decoration object in your home that will leave all your guests open-mouthed, as the " Malle Mars "Louis Vuitton is what you need.


This year marks the 40th anniversary since the man first arrived on the moon and Louis Vuitton wanted to celebrate with a very particular design.
Is about " Malle Mars " Partly suitcase, partly decorative furniture and partly ... something very special. While many insist that its shape resembles that of spacecraft forty years ago, we still do not know how to define it.


Malle Mars "It has an egg-like shape and when its two doors open we find an endless number of options to carry our things and at the same time conquer anyone who sees it at home.
It has a personal secretary, first aid kit, folding chair, campaign light and survival tableware. In addition to having the ability to save those little personal things that every traveler carries.
When you do not use it, you can put it in the dining room of your house or perhaps in the living room as a decorative accessory.
Do not you find this design a bit extravagant ????


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