Make your own coffee table by recycling pallets

The furniture made with pallets are full trend, everywhere in decoration magazines and pages devoted to it we can find a large number of examples. Sure you like them but do you think it's a project that can come too big? Do not give up early. It is much easier than it seems and we will teach you step by step how you can build this beautiful coffee table with your own hands.

Table with pallets 1

Pretty, to what? It is certainly an elegant version of a coffee table made with pallets , as well as everything you do yourself can accommodate your tastes and needs. In this table we see that it has been covered with cloth and the tabletop has been padded. You can do the same or leave the wood naked if you like it more like that.


  • Two equal pallets
  • Wheels for the base
  • High density foam about 7 cm thick
  • Fabric or vinyl for upholstery
  • Electric or manual saw
  • Drill
  • Sander
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer with claw
  • Screws, nails
  • Varnish and brush

Table with pallets 2

We turn the pallet and cut the transverse wooden reinforcements from the ends of the pallet, leaving only the central reinforcement in its place because we will need it later. We will do the same operation on the other pallet.

Table with pallets 3

With cuts of the slats that we have cut, we will fill in the gaps left on the sides of the central crossbar. So when we add both pallets will be a more stable and symmetrical set.

Table with pallets 4

Once we have prepared both pallets as we have said we will proceed to the sanding, this step is important and it will be a hard work because the wood of the pallets is undisturbed. We will choose a coarse sandpaper at the beginning and then we will go to a finer sandpaper.

Table with pallets 5

Now we will give you two or three layers of the finishing varnish that you have chosen, better if it is dark because it will equalize the surface in a more efficient way and will better hide the faults of the wood.

Table with pallets 6

We will install the wheels in the four corners of one of the pallets that will be the one that will constitute the base of the coffee table. Choose industrial-looking rotating wheels in the size you prefer.

Table with pallets 7

Once you dry the varnish hands that we have given you, we will proceed to join both pallets. For this we can use steel plates that are attached to the wood with screws. When working with screws always take into account the thickness of the wood so that the screw does not pass through, we will always choose screws a little shorter than the thickness of the wood with which we work.

Table with pallets 8

We cut the foam to the size of the board of our table and stick it with the appropriate adhesive, inform yourself well as some adhesives can damage the foam.

Table with pallets 9

We cover the foam with the chosen fabric or vinyl and join it to the table with the stapler. This also has its importance, first we will put a couple of staples in the center of one of the sides and we will go tensing and placing staples towards one of the sides first and then towards the other. We will do the same on each of the four sides of the table.

Table with pallets 10

When we get to the corners we will fold the fabric as shown in the picture above and we will staple.

Table with pallets 11

We will cut the excess fabric and we can finish the work by placing some molding cut into miter. We will apply the same varnish as the rest of the table so that it is a well coordinated set.


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